AEWAW - January 21, 2022

Adam is currently in the studio writing his 5th solo album!  He has Emmy Award winning producer BZ Lewis ( onboard guessed it...PRODUCER!  Lewis has mixed Adam's releases for over 10 years, but this is the first time he will produce an entire "Adam Beverly" album!

Taking a break from writing, Adam recorded this delicate version of his 2020 release "AEWAW2020" on his now nearly "vintage" Roland XP-50...which he bought new in San Francisco in the mid-90s!

Check out the studio version here:


Live! - October 29, 2021

On October 29, 2021, Adam played his first full-band concert since COVID-19 stopped most of the world's music scene in its tracks.  The venue? A 100+ year old community/culture hall in Denmark, full of murals, wood floors and history.
If you've been to an Adam Beverly concert, you'll know that if the venue is even half-appropriate for an "on-the-floor-walking-through-the-audience performance" then Adam will go to the floor!  After nearly 2 hours on stage with his 6 member band, Adam ended the evening with 2 solo songs.  One of those was Adam's single "I Feel" and he mingled with the crowd in his usual way, getting them to sing with him and making them part of the performance.

Adam was joined on stage that night by:
Casper Lund - guitar and vocals
Rikke Madsen - vocals
Jacob Elholm - bass
Kenneth N. Pedersen - drums
Kim Jensen - keys

September Sessions 2021

A Thursday evening in September 2021, Adam invited some of his friends, who double as bandmates, to an acoustic rehearsal. Typical Adam style, he had set the room up with a camera and a microphone...just for fun.

And fun it was. The camera caught the light, the microphone caught the sound and the two together show a glimpse of the great vibe in the room that September evening. "Long live music and friendship".

Adam Beverly - lead vocal + guitar
Rikke Madsen - vocal
Casper Lund - guitar + vocal
Kim Jensen - piano
Jacob Elholm - bass

Adam - Solo/Live - September 10, 2021

Adam Beverly - solo. The owner of a small café in downtown Esbjerg, Denmark invited Adam to a "Sing and Talk" on September 10, 2021.

That warm evening in September Adam played for a quiet and attentive audience and told them some stories about the songs he sang. Everyone that evening felt like they were part of something special. People laughed, sang and enjoyed being together.

Control Room Sessions - June 2021

Toke Knudsmark has been Adam's steady wingman for nearly 10 years. They have played numerous shows together throughout Germany and Denmark. Toke has played on Adam's 3 latest albums and their musical bond continues to only deepen. Here, they play Adam's first single in 2021, "Walls" which is set for release on July 1, 2021.

Since January 2021, while COVID-19 has made live shows basically impossible, Adam has recorded session in his studio's control room and created "Control Room Sessions". Although the world is starting to open up and Adams has started playing live again, he has incorporated Control Room Sessions into his normal "circuit" of activity.

Recorded June 19, 2021

1.  Walls

"Walls" is set for release on Spotify on July 1, 2021.  You can hear the studio version here on

Control Room Sessions - May 2021

Since January 2021, while COVID-19 has made live shows basically impossible, Adam has recorded sessions in his studio's control room and created "Control Room Sessions".

After performing alone in January...with Rikke Madsen in February... with Kim Jensen in March...on piano (in his living room) in April...Adam brings the project to a close with just him and his guitar here in May 2021.

Recorded May 21, 2021
1.  Dream On
2.  Time Flies By

You can hear the studio recordings of the songs here:

Control Room Session - April 2021

Control Room Session - March 2021

Control Room Sessions - February 2021

Control Room Sessions - January 2021