DISCDRIVER - New Single!

DISCDRIVER - Adam Beverly and Casper Lund

June 8, 2024
Adam's latest project is DISCDRIVER.  A true collaboration with long-time friend and band member Casper Lund, DISCDRIVER delivers catchy indie-rock with electric guitars and vocals in the spotlight.  Their second single, Go Orbital, is out now!  Hear it here!

In addition to “Electrosound” (keep the name carefully), they now present “Go orbital”. They leave the sameness of the genre and add electronic and robotic elements to their sound that is very close to the limits of indie rock and indie pop. With an addictive, very melodic chorus, the single draws attention to the sound quality and versatility that the duo presents in the quick 3 minutes of music.
- Music For All,  June 8, 2024

“Electrosound by Discdriver, a dynamic indie pop-rock debut, bursts with upbeat energy and infectious melodies. Crafted by the Danish duo Casper Lund and Adam Beverly, this track intertwines standard pop elements with bold electric guitar riffs and unexpected twists, offering listeners a fresh and exhilarating musical experience. With its catchy hooks and vibrant soundscapes, Electrosound showcases Discdriver’s talent for crafting memorable tunes that captivate audiences. The duo’s collaborative synergy hits a gold vein, promising a bright future for their new project.”  
 - Last Day Deaf, March 6, 2024

5th Studio Album

“Adam's 2023 release shows the American singer-songwriter in his prime.  Honest lyrics, strong yet intimate melodies and a top-notch production.” - March 1, 2023

“Walls” is Adam's 5th solo album and takes the listener through up-beat indie rock singles to intimate fingerstyle singer-songwriter ballads. Produced by Emmy Award winning producer BZ Lewis,  there is also quite a list of contributing musicians. For album credits click here.

The album can be streamed from the player at the bottom of this page and from all major streaming services.

Living Room Concert

Living room concerts are a great way for both artist and audience to experience.  Up-close and personal, living room concerts offer a concert experience that just can't be matched by a big stage. 
In this video my steady wingman Toke Knudsmark joins me on "Around About" with a fun twist!

Fin out more about living room concerts HERE!

An atmospheric evening with a singer-songwriter of remarkable quality.”

— Kieler Nachrichten (German Newspaper)