2020 - Best of... PLAYLIST!

October 30, 2020 - Day 6 - FINAL DAY

The 2 new songs are playable here on  They will be on SPOTIFY Nov. 26 + Dec. 1. 
They will be added to the playlist when they are available on SPOTIFY.


October 16, 2020 - Day 5 - Guest 5


October 2, 2020 - Day 4 - GUEST 4!


September 18, 2020 - Day 3 - GUEST 3!


September 4, 2020 - DAY 2 - GUEST 2!


Audust 21, 2020 - DAY 1 - GUEST 1!


A little about me...

"I am an American singer-songwriter based in Northern Europe (Denmark). I have been lucky enough to land 8 singles on European radio, released 4 albums, an EP, several singles and even wrote a book...all since 2011! Prior to 2011, I was frontman of the folk/rock group "The Beverly Band" from 2003-2011 (with several released and radio singles).

My 2016 album "Radios & Navigation" was listed on the American Grammy Ballot for Best Americana Album. I didn't get nominated and I'm totally cool with that.

I grew up in Central California in the 90's. I was active in the local music scene from '91...while singing in choir in high school. In '94 I went to "The Recording Workshop" in Ohio. I then landed a music job on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood where I quickly realized I wanted to go to college. I college hopped for a couple years (bringing me through San Francisco where I met BZ Lewis of Studio 132...who I still work with today) and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music (Education) from Humboldt State University. I continued in school and got my Single Subject Teaching Credential. I taught music for 2 years in Cali before my journey led me to Denmark in '02.

I've been Europe-based since and have gigged, written, recorded and lived my life here since. Although I am a solo artist, Danish singer Rikke Madsen has had a huge role in my music since 2016, and that is why she is pictured here (and everywhere else I post pictures).

Thanks for listening.

Peace, Adam

"World Class" (about “What We Need” from TAKE FOREVER) 
ChartBase - Denmark's Largest Independent Music and Hitlist Site 

 "... a classic folk sound ..." (about "Tell Me All About It" from Radios & Navigation) 
TAXI, The World's Leading Independent A&R Company 

Adam Beverly delivered atmospheric folk songs as the darkness of the evening fell. 
 Jydske Vestkysten (Danish Newspaper) about a “Street Performance” 

 Much more of a rock version of the singer-songwriter we know. 
Denmark's National Radio, P4 (about Adam’s 2013 album BACKCOURSE) 

On the new single "I Feel", Adam Beverly moves one step closer to Rock Music and thus away from Country, Folk and Americana ... an incredibly cool sound. Adam Beverly also has (I mention once again) one of the best vocals here in the kingdom. 
Denmark’s Largest Independent Music Chart Site. 

Vocally, Adam repeatedly calls for the comparison with John Denver, whose pathos shines through in many Beverly songs. His vocal tone is also reminiscent of Tom Petty and REM singer Michael Stipe ... An atmospheric evening featuring a singer-songwriter of remarkable quality. 
Kieler Nachrichten (German Newspaper)
Review of a Live Concert in Kiel, Germany.