2020 Releases

2020 will not bring a new album to Adam Beverly's catalog.  Instead, the Europe-based American singer songwriter plans to release 5 singles.  3 of those releases are already available as of June 21, 2020.
The releases fall into two categories:

  1. Newly written and recorded material
  2. Re-makes of previously released material

For more insight into the remakes, see the video on this page.

2019 Album - Take Forever

Album:  Take Forever

  • Release date: June 21, 2019

Adam Beverly - Take Forever

Take Forever - “…classic tools of the trade with modern twists…”

“Take Forever” is Adam’s 4th studio album since 2011 (in that time he also released an EP, 2 singles and a book!)  Adam tends to wander in his genres.  His 2013 album was clearly rock. His 2016 album, which landed him on the American Grammy Ballot for Best Americana Album, was nearly 100% acoustic.  On “Take Forever” he seems to have found the optimal mixture of his past.  With an acoustic guitar, an acoustic piano, a tasteful layer or two of electric guitars and of course, his tenor voice, he lands securely in Americana again; a clear sign of his musical maturity.

What We Need - The Album’s Current Single

The current single from the album is “What We Need”, a retro-inspired duet with Danish singer Rikke Madsen, who was also a key figure on Adam’s 2016 album. With a modern production provided by Emmy Award winning producer BZ Lewis, the song jumps right out of the speakers and almost sounds like the cover of the album: simple, classic, enjoyable and nostalgic.

Adam Beverly - Take ForeverAlthough Adam is a solo artist, he did not make this album alone.  11 people (10 musicians and a producer) have contributed to the album, making it his largest collaboration effort to date.  Two songs feature Danish guitarist Jacob Jensen, known in Denmark from many different bands. One track includes guest bassist Mads Corydon.  Toke Knudsmark, Rikke Madsen and Casper Lund appear throughout the album.  The most unexpected guests, however, make their appearance on “Life Shine”.

8 Singles on Danish National Radio - Life Shine

“Life Shine” is Adam’s 8th song to receive airplay on Danish National Radio (P4).  The song debuted in 2018 in connection with his 20 city Danish Street Tour.  For “Take Forever” he re-made the song to fit the album.  The song features Adam’s son on drums (only 12 years old when he recorded).  The clear surprise, however, comes half way through the song, when Adam and Rikke are backed by their kids (2 separate families).  The kids add a substantial dose of optimism as they sing the chorus of “Life Shine” throughout the 2nd half of the song.

Adam Beverly - Take ForeverAdam Beverly - Singer-songwriter

With 4 solo albums, hundreds of concerts and a long list of recognition, Adam is no longer a newcomer.  He is a singer-songwriter that is in for the long-haul and “Take Forever” is a strong release in the middle of his journey. 

“Take Forever” will be available on all major streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube, etc.) and on Adam’s official webpage (adambeverly.com).


That's what they say...

"World Class" (about What We Need [Take Forever])
ChartBase -  Denmark’s Largest Independent Music and Hitlist Site


"...a classic folk sound..." (about "Tell Me All About It")
TAXI, The World's Leading Independent A&R Company


Adam Beverly delivered atmospheric folksongs as the evening's darkness fell.
Jydske Vestkysten (Danish Newspaper)
About Adam Playing on the Street


Much more of a rock-version of the singer-songwriter we know.
Denmark's National Radio, P4


 On the new single "I Feel" Adam Beverly moves another step closer to Rock music and thus away from Country, Folk and Americana…an incredibly cool sound. Adam Beverly also has (I mention yet again) one of the best vocals here in the Kingdom…
Denmark’s Largest Independent Music Chart Site.


Vocally, Adam urges again and again to the comparison with John Denver, whose pathos shines through in many Beverly songs. His vocal tone reminds one also of Tom Petty and REM singer Michael Stipe…An atmospheric evening with a singer/songwriter of remarkable quality.
Review of a Live Concert in Kiel, Germany.
Kieler Nachrichten (German Newspaper)


"..intimate, personal, stylized nature of vocal and delivery...in step with singers like R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe and Counting Crows' Adam Duritz..."
The World's Leading Independent A&R Company