The Distance Grows - EP

Adam Beverly

Honest, melodic and acoustic (for the most part) song-writing from the heart of a man just trying to find his way.

After landing 2 singles on European Radio from his 2013 studio album "Backcourse", American singer-songwriter Adam Beverly is sharing a new glimpse of his songwriting soul by releasing the delicately home-recorded EP "The Distance Grows" as a follow-up to his his 2014 single "An End Without a Warning".

Whereas "Backcourse" is filled to the top with sound and mixed by the skillful hand of Emmy Award winning producer BZ Lewis, "The Distance Grows" is a product of Adam's home studio and therefor offers a more rough-around-the-edges production that clearly comes straight from the original vision of the song.

"It can almost feel like a step backwards to go from the huge production on "Backcourse" to the simple production on " An End Without a Warning" and "The Distance Grows" but I, however, like to see it as a step inwards." - Adam Beverly

"The Distance Grows" - all words and music by Adam Beverly Adam Beverly - guitars and vocals | 1-6 Toke Knudsmark - bass | 1-5 Casper L. Thomsen - guitar | 1-5 Rikke Madsen - vocal | 1-5 Mathias Fabricius - drums | 5 Kenneth N. Pedersen - drums | 3

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