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Street Tour 2018!

Street Tour 2018!

Adam Beverly - Street Tour 2018!

Updates will be made here and on FACEBOOK each day of the tour for exact times and locations!

In 2016, American born/Danish residing songwriter Adam Beverly appeared on the US Grammy ballot ballot in the "Best Americana Album" category. He was not nominated but in good company he was. In 2017, he signed an agreement "United Entertainment Media" in London, England (which he still has) and he wrote and released his first book "Night Light's Shadow". There were many things that pointed in the "right" direction for Adam and his music in 2017.

But in 2018, he has ended up on the street. That should not be misunderstood. Adam, together with his wife and two children, has a nice little house where they sleep safely each night. Adam is taking his music on the street.

The idea came to him at Tønder Festival in 2017. Together with two band members, he played live on Radio Globus Gold Tønder Festival broadcast. On their way back to the campground, they agreed to play right there on the campsite's muddy road. It was a very mixed experience in terms of audience size, but what Adam could feel was what makes music real for him: the joy of music. "There was no money in it. There was no limelight on me. What there was, was music in the air and a smile on our lips and on those who passed by," says Adam Beverly.

20 Danish cities, 7 months - Taking a break from the road to play on the street

The tour bus will be replaced by a train schedule as he will take the train on the entire tour - though not to the island of Fanoe. There will be no speakers or lights and neither tickets nor beer can be bought. The tour will bring him to 20 Danish cities from Aalborg to Toender and Esbjerg to Copenhagen. Adam is a solo-artist but he often has some talented musicians on stage and they may join him in some cities.

On his official website and Facebook page, Adam will continuously update the exact location in each city. Dates and cities for the tour can also be found on these pages.

All Adam's music releases can be streamed for free on his website.

Adam Beverly is on tour in Denmark in 2018.

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