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The first single from Adam Beverly's up-coming album is here!  The text that appears on CD Baby ( says:

Using classic tools of the trade with modern twists, this retro-style duet (with Danish singer Rikke Madsen) features Adam Beverly's singing and songwriting in a musical package that will reach over generational lines.

"What We Need" will be out on all major online stores and streaming services on January 25, 2019.  "What We Need"  is mixed and mastered by BZ Lewis of Studio 132 in Oakland, California. 

No release date has been set for the album.

Hear "What We Need" here!


Adam Beverly - 2016 Grammy Ballot - Best Americana Album


Adam Beverly - 2017-2018 Press Picture

Adam Beverly’s 3rd solo album “Radios & Navigation” puts the troubadour he is in the center stage. The songs are based on his tenor voice and his acoustic guitar…the sound that has brought him to hundreds of concerts in various corners of the world. As heard on the title track there is also a keen focus on vocal harmonies.


“Radios & Navigation” is full of vocal harmonies, acoustic instruments and honest lyrics.  Danish singer Rikke Madsen plays Adam’s female counterpart throughout the album, while Casper L. Thomsen (guitar/vocal) and Toke Knudsmark (bas) play steady and creative roles throughout the album.


Adam_Beverly - Live 2016 with_Toke_Knudsmark__Casper_L__Thomsen__Rikke_Madsen_and_Mathias_Fabricius

Adam’s 2013 rock album Backcourse landed 2 European radio singles (My Great Escape and I Feel) and came as quite a surprise for many of his listeners. They missed the singer-songwriter presence that Adam has on stage - the intimate lyrics, the honest smile and the acoustic guitar in the middle of it all. Listeners who appreciate Adam’s acoustic presence on stage should enjoy "Radios & Navigation"


“Radios & Navigation” is mixed and mastered by his long-time friend and Emmy award winning producer BZ Lewis of Studio 132 in Oakland, California.  Moreover, Lewis is co-producer on the album.



" excellent Americana-Rock release..." (about Radios & Navigation [song])
ChartBase -  Denmark’s Largest Independent Music and Hitlist Site
May, 2016.


"...a classic folk sound..." (about "Tell Me All About It")
TAXI, The World's Leading Independent A&R Company
April, 2016


Adam Beverly delivered atmospheric folksongs as the evening's darkness fell.
Jydske Vestkysten (Danish Newspaper)
September 5, 2014.


Much more of a rock-version of the singer-songwriter we know.
Denmark's National Radio, P4
November 8, 2013.


A surprising release by Adam Beverly
Bramming Weekly Newspaper (Bramming Ugeavis)
November 2013.


 On the new single "I Feel" Adam Beverly moves another step closer to Rock music and thus away from Country, Folk and Americana…an incredibly cool sound. Adam Beverly also has (I mention yet again) one of the best vocals here in the Kingdom… – Sept. 15, 2012
Denmark’s Largest Independent Music Chart Site.


Vocally, Adam urges again and again to the comparison with John Denver, whose pathos shines through in many Beverly songs. His vocal tone reminds one also of Tom Petty and REM singer Michael Stipe…An atmospheric evening with a singer/songwriter of remarkable quality.
Review of a Live Concert in Kiel, Germany.
Kieler Nachrichten (German Newspaper)


"..intimate, personal, stylized nature of vocal and step with singers like R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe and Counting Crows' Adam Duritz..."
The World's Leading Independent A&R Company




Adam Beverly - 2017-2018 Press Picture











Adam Beverly - Live 2016














Adam Beverly - Life Shine










Adam Beverly - Radios & Navigation










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Adam Beverly - 2016-2017 Poster













Adam Beverly with Toke Madsen, Casper L. Thomsen, Rikke Madsen and Mathias Fabricius








Adam Beverly - Live 2016 - with band









Adam Beverly - Live 2016 - with band 2