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Episode 5 - Honest Harmony

Adam Beverly and Rikke Madsen - PODCAST Episode 5In this episode (the final episode in the series) I have the pleasure of talking with Rikke Madsen in the studio!  Rikke has been performing with me for several years.  Through the concerts, recordings and experiences of the road we have also developed a strong friendship...which is quite clear in this episode.  Take a listen!

The songs featured in this episode can be heard here.


Episode 4 - Kill Your Darlings? No thank you!

The whole idea of "killing your darlings" is to get rid of the things that are special to you...and only you.  In this episode I show off some of my darlings that I could have killed for SEVERAL reasons, but yet they made the cut...

 Hear the songs featured in this episode here.


Episode 3 - Lonely Last Songs

In Episode 3 I talk about my "lonely last songs".  It seems I have a pettern og tagging a song to the end of an album even though, in many ways, the song sticks out from the others.  Have a listen for yourself and give that lonely last song some company:-)

Listen to the songs featured in this episode here:


Episode 2 - Title Tracks and Singles

Welcome back for episode 2!  In this episode I talk about the qualities and selection process for title tracks and singles.  Both title tracks and singles are important songs on my albums, but what I look for in them is very different! 

Listen to the songs featured in this episode here.

Episode 1 - Making the Cut

Songwriting, for me, is a long process.  Episode 1 shows the process of song development from a DEMO recording to the final version that "makes the cut" for the album.

Listen to the songs featured in this episode here:

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