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by Adam Beverly

Released 2013
Released 2013
The instrumentation is powerful, the lyrics are personal and the sound is electric.
In September of 2012 American singer-songwriter Adam Beverly set the stage for the release of his second solo album with the release of the single “I Feel”. The song went straight onto Danish National Radio and Adam went straight back to the studio to complete the album. “Backcourse” is the title of the album and for those who have followed Adam’s music career over the past decade, what they hear may be a bit of a surprise.

“This is the album I’ve needed to write all my life.” is what Adam himself says about his upcoming release. “That is not to say that I will not write more albums, but they will have to come from a different place - this one comes from my gut.”

The album includes Adam’s 2012 radio single “I Feel” which was released in September of 2012 and debuted on Danish National Radio the following month. “I Feel”, along with the rest of “Backcourse” is mixed and mastered by Emmy Award winning producer BZ Lewis of Studio 132 in Oakland, California.

Stylistically, Adam has left the acoustic sound that has dominated his music for more than a decade. That is not to say that his acoustic guitar is not present on the album, but it is not the dominate force. From the first seconds of the album the listener is not in doubt that Adam has been a carrier of the “rock gene” throughout his previous projects. Now, that gene has come to the surface. The lyrics are personal, the instrumentation is powerful and full, and the sound is electric. “Backcourse” secures Adam’s position as a serious song-songwriter that strives to stay true to “his own song”.

Although he is releasing “Backcourse” as a solo artist, he did not do it alone. Longtime friends and former band mates Kenneth N. Pedersen and Ole Selstø (formerly of The Beverly Band) both play on the album and Toke Knudsmark, also a longtime friend of Adam’s, plays bass on all but two songs. Adam plays and sings the rest.

With 4 singles on Danish National Radio, Adam has been an active part of the music scene in Denmark for over 10 years. He will be promoting “Backcourse” with a tour of solo and trio (with drums and bass) concert dates. A seasoned performer, he takes his disarming being to the stage in a natural way peppering his performances with a candid wit and stories that the listeners can enjoy and use to apply the pictures of their own lives to his songs.