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Adam's Book

Night Light's Shadow - by Adam Beverly

Adam Beverly - Night Light's ShadowIn August of 2017 Adam made his debut as an author with the release of his book "Night Light's Shadow".  At just over 150 pages, the book follows Adam's lyric writing from his long-haired days in Central California to his 2016 album "Radios & Navigation" which appeared on the Grammy Ballot for Best Americana Album!

Throughout the book, in-between the 80+ lyrics, Adam offers candid and honest insight to the processes and feelings connected with his songwriting.  Although the stories behind the songs are not revealed, the spirit is clear.

The book also features the artwork connected with Adam's releases since 2011.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the book, it will be availabe for a short time as a PDF file for free download.


To order the actual book please click here.