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Adam's Blog

Welcome to Adam's Blog

I guess I'm one of those guys that just has a lot to say.  Sometimes I wait for the well to dry up (I think my wife does too) but I just seem to keep on going.  I like to think that I am talking about my songwriting and other artistic productivity, but as reality may be, it turns out that I just talk a lot... and often.

And, as modern life is, I talk a lot on Facebook about  Sure, I try to keep my business posts balanced with my social life posts, but sometimes life gets busy.  I guess for any working father/husband in their 40's busy=life=busy=life.  A dear past-away friend of mine used to say "a busy Englishman is a happy Englishman."  I am by no means, except for maybe distance/irrelevant family roots, an Englishman but I think the tie between the countries seems to hold true here as well.  I am busy.

And, I talk a lot.

So, I have decided once again to restart my blog.  Here, no one can complain about what I put out there, and I can shamelessly plug all I want.  And, I intend to do so:-)

I do, however, intend to offer a bit more.  I hope to offer thoughts, dreams, hope, ideas and a little glimpse into the world of Adam Beverly and the music that has brought me to this point.  Once I figure out the tech side of it all, I will offer sound and video clips as well.

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