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Life Happens...

Oh, the plans we (I) make.  When I started this year I was sure that I could handle two measly blog posts a month.  Well, life showed me...

That life just happened to be the building of my new studio.  I have always played, rehearsed and recorded right in the middle of my home.  That has offered its charm and challenge.  Now, I have moved a whole 50 feet to an annex.  Amazing what 50 feet will do.  And, amazing the amount of sweat, work and tears that are required for a musician like myself to build such a place.  Luckily, I have had the endless support or my wife and father-in-law through out the entire process.

Wow, it's a pretty long excuse I'm building up isn't it?  For what it's worth, blog posts nearly wrote themselves as I was hanging sheetrock and listening to Switchfoot, Thomas Dybdal and Counting Crows.  They helped a lot too.  It was just that last step of changing clothes, washing up and then getting to the keyboard to write.  Makes me wonder sometimes how I have ever put out an album.

Anyways... in the middle of the building process I did rehearse a few times with my dear friends Casper and Rikke.  So, here's a little video from a rehearsal of one of my favourite songs..."So Good".  




PS.  The year's remaining blog posts are planned in my head...let's see where that gets me:-)

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