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From acoustic to album and back again...

Most of my songs start with me and my acoustic guitar.  There have been a few that were "born" on piano but not many.  The songs develop a life of their own with me and my guitar.  The ones that make it through the selection process sometimes end up on album (or EP, or single, or whatever).

Many of my fans (especially my wife and my Dad) always want me to release an acoustic album with just me and my guitar.  Even though this is often how I perform and how the songs are created I most often "hear" a much bigger musical sound than that.  Luckily, I can make my mind's picture of the sound a reality through the help of my dear and musical friends! 

The song is recorded.  The album is released.  Then, it's back to me and my guitar.  The full band version of my songs is often very short lived. But, that's cool with me.  It is normally like a breath of fresh air to bring the songs back to their original form.

Such is EXACTLY the case with the title track from "Radios & Navigation".  I love the album version of the song.  And, I love "flying" all alone...just me and my acoustic guitar.

Here in this video I was just practicing in my living room when I decided to strap my iPhone to a microphone stand and record this song.  

"Radios & Navigation" of all-time favorite songs to date.

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