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Feeling like a folk star...

In 2013 I did something that I have always wanted to do.  I released a rock album.  I spent a year in my studio writing and recording songs while I spent all my driving time rocking out to Foo Fighters and Switchfoot.  The album flopped.  Well, ok...I actually landed TWO singles on National Radio so it wasn't only a flop but I feel (in kind of an insulted childish and totally irrational way) that the album is overlooked.  

Granted, most of my live performance has been built up around a solo acoustic performance.  So, when people hear that, buy BACKCOURSE (the name of the album) and the first song that hits them in the face is "Flowers on Your Grave" I guess I can see that I was slightly off target.  That said, I enjoy that album to this day.  It has some of my best songwriting and many of the songs are still on my set-list and very close to my heart.

One song that stood out on the album was "Scarecrow Signs".  The song is based around fingerpicking and rambling lyrics so I had to murder that idea to get it to fit the album. Right after recording it for Backcourse I went straight back to playing it like a folk star:-)

I feel like the guitar rolls on my fingers and the lyrics roll off my tongue.  If you've never tried that I can highly recommend it.  Cool feeling.  Anyways, here's a song from my 2013 album.  Scarecrow take with my iPhone 4 rolling the usual:-)

If you want to hear the album version take a listen here:

It is fun to have different versions of the same song.  I get to relive the same story in different ways everytime I sing it.  Well, that makes sense to me.  Enjoy!



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