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Better late...than ever...or...

Adam Beverly - Studio Journal

I know the saying is "better late than never" but I feel like the twist "better late than ever" fits how I feel right now.  Time flies even when intentions are good. 

Today was the first time I had to clean my studio, which we (my Danish family and I) built in the first half of '17.  I moved into my new place in May and since then there have been rehearsals, shipping of books, posters and band equipment all over!  I'm not complaining.

Yes, I do plan to tie the picture into all of this soon.

Whenever I clean up anywhere in the house I realize how scattered my brain and my belongings are.  I am the kind of guy that can take the garbage out and realize that my bike tire is low.  I'll go to the shed to get the pump and realize that the gutter on the shed roof is plugged.  While going to get the ladder, which is the "stairway" to our kids' trampoline I will get caught up in talking to the kids and then go in and do something totally different...leaving a trail of unfinished business.

Sometimes it's a wonder that I get anything done.  

When my songwriting and recording began to really take off in 2011 I started keeping a journal in the studio.  Since then I have filled several.  These journals are full of technical notes (pun intended), ideas, and lyrics.  They are also the location of my epic to-do lists.  Yes, Mom, I make them, too.  Big time.

These journals are now almost like my diaries.  They are inspiring, sad and funny to read all at the same time.  The recording process is not always peaceful for me.  The lyric in "Taking on the World" sums it up pretty well:

"It's a one-man battlefield from which this voice is raised."

Anyways, in the spirit of keeping to my high level of distractedness I decided to gather these journals, read through them, take a picture of them, email myself the picture from my phone (can't find the usb cable...yet) check my email, get the picture, edit the life out of it, and then write in my blog.

I guess I better go finish cleaning the studio...right after I play a little guitar:-)  Better late than ever!

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