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A pop star, royalty and a local

It's always a thrill (or maybe an ego trip) to see my name in the company of some of the greats.  Being on the Grammy Ballot had to be one of those greatest moments.  It can also be much more subtle...

Showing up for a gig at a non-profit cafe with a stage the size of a small bathroom and seeing that the volunteer bartenders have already put my poster outside...and they have drawn hearts around it in chalk.  That's a pretty cool moment, too:-)

But to take the cake...I give you this....

This past weekend my daughter had a friend stay the night.  The 2 girls are both 8 years old.  They've been friends since they were 1 or 2 years old.  Our families are's awesome!  Anyways, my daughter's friend is comfortable with me.  We eat at the same table, we tease each other and there is almost an uncle/niece feeling to the whole thing.  

Adam Beverly - with Else and Rasmus Seebach

After a quiet sleepover I took the friend home.  I've been there many times but since they are doing remodelling I went upstairs and checked out the progress.  As I peeked into her room I saw this...  I was thrilled!  The 2 lovely ladies on the left we all know (at least all of us with daughters born around 2008).  The gentleman on the right you may not know...if you are not from Denmark.  Everyone in Denmark knows him.  Rasmus Seebach is a VERY talented, charismatic and successful pop star here in Denmark.

The dude in the middle...yeah that's me.  This is clearly one of those times that ranks right up there with the Grammy Ballot and the non-profit cafe's poster holder with hearts... here I hang in great company in a great little kid's room.

Success comes in many forms.  This is one of them.

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