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A Holiday Song for You

A Christmas song? Maybe. Have I grown up? Maybe (not). Honestly? Totally.

Adam Beverly - Right About Now (I Think About You)Dear friends,
This holiday season I have a written a song for the season. I have never written a holiday song before. This song is new, simple and honest. I dedicate it to every one of you, my friends and family, this holiday season. Stay safe, stay warm and stay in touch.

PS. A special thanks to Casper L. Thomsen for his help with this song.
PPS. A very special thanks to my daughter, Hannah Beverly, for her awesome artwork.
PPPS. Please feel free to share the link if there is someone you're thinking about his season.


Right About Now (I Think About You)
Words and Music Copyright Adam Beverly, 2017

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Beautyful Adam ....... very nice Christmas song

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