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A Holiday Song for You

A Christmas song? Maybe. Have I grown up? Maybe (not). Honestly? Totally.

Adam Beverly - Right About Now (I Think About You)Dear friends,
This holiday season I have a written a song for the season. I have never written a holiday song before. This song is new, simple and honest. I dedicate it to every one of you, my friends and family, this holiday season. Stay safe, stay warm and stay in touch.

PS. A special thanks to Casper L. Thomsen for his help with this song.
PPS. A very special thanks to my daughter, Hannah Beverly, for her awesome artwork.
PPPS. Please feel free to share the link if there is someone you're thinking about his season.


Right About Now (I Think About You)
Words and Music Copyright Adam Beverly, 2017

Better late...than ever...or...

Adam Beverly - Studio Journal

I know the saying is "better late than never" but I feel like the twist "better late than ever" fits how I feel right now.  Time flies even when intentions are good.  My plan was...





Feeling like a folk star...

In 2013 I did something that I have always wanted to do.  I released a rock album.  I spent a year in my studio writing and recording songs while I spent all my driving time rocking out to Foo Fighters and Switchfoot.  The album flopped... 

Life Happens...

Oh, the plans we (I) make.  When I started this year I was sure that I could handle two measly blog posts a month.  Well, life showed me...

That life just happened to be the building of my new studio.  I have always played, rehearsed and recorded right in the middle of my home.  That has offered its charm and challenge.  Now, I have moved a whole 50 feet to an annex.  Amazing what 50 feet will do.  And, amazing the amount of sweat, work and tears that are required for a musician like myself to build such a place.  Luckily, I have had the endless support or my wife and father-in-law through out the entire process.

Wow, it's a pretty long excuse I'm building up isn't it?  For what it's worth, blog posts nearly wrote themselves as I was hanging sheetrock and listening to Switchfoot, Thomas Dybdal and Counting Crows.  They helped a lot too.  It was just that last step of changing clothes, washing up and then getting to the keyboard to write.  Makes me wonder sometimes how I have ever put out an album.

Anyways... in the middle of the building process I did rehearse a few times with my dear friends Casper and Rikke.  So, here's a little video from a rehearsal of one of my favourite songs..."So Good".  




PS.  The year's remaining blog posts are planned in my head...let's see where that gets me:-)

A pop star, royalty and a local

It's always a thrill (or maybe an ego trip) to see my name in the company of some of the greats.  Being on the Grammy Ballot had to be one of those greatest moments.  It can also be much more subtle...

Showing up for a gig at a non-profit cafe with a stage the size of a small bathroom and seeing that the volunteer bartenders have already put my poster outside...and they have drawn hearts around it in chalk.  That's a pretty cool moment, too:-)

But to take the cake...I give you this....

From acoustic to album and back again...

Most of my songs start with me and my acoustic guitar.  There have been a few that were "born" on piano but not many.  The songs develop a life of their own with me and my guitar.  The ones that make it through the selection process sometimes end up on album (or EP, or Single, or whatever).

Many of my fans (especially my wife and my Dad) always want me to release an acoustic album with just me and my guitar.  Even tough this is often how I perform and how the songs are created I most often "hear" a much bigger musical sound than that.  Luckily, I can make my mind's picture of the sound a reality through the help of my dear and musical friends! 


An Early Morning Video of a New Song

An early morning video of a new song that will be released on the Deluxe Version of Radios & Navigation!  You can sure hear this video was taken in the morning since I'm actually trying to sing that low F:-)

Welcome to Adam's Blog

I guess I'm one of those guys that just has a lot to say.  Sometimes I wait for the well to dry up (I think my wife does too) but I just seem to keep on going.  I like to think that I am talking about my songwriting and other artistic productivity, but as reality may be, it turns out that I just talk a lot.  And often.

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