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New Album in 2019

Adam is currently in the studio writing and recording for a new album which is due for release in 2019.  More info coming soon.

'Tis the Season

Adam Beverly - Right About Now (I Think About You)In 2017 and wrote and recorded this holiday song in his home studio.  The song is produced 100% by Adam (along with the helpful ear of his good friend Casper L. Thomsen).

It is a simple song that talks about that special someone we all think about around the holiday times.  The song has not been officially released and is only available here and on Adam's Facebook page.  Enjoy!

2018 Street Tour Complete!

Adam Beverly - 2018 Street Tour Complete

20 Danish cities, 7 months - Taking a break from the road to play on the street

In 2018 Adam took a break from the play on the street!  Using public transportation (trains) he showed up on the streets of 20 Danish cities, creating a tour plan that qualified as a national tour.  The tour landed him on Denmarks National radio and brought him closer to his listeners than ever before.

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Click here to see the map with dates.

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Life Shine debuts on Danish National Radio

Adam Beverly - Life Shine"Life Shine" made its debut on Danish National Radio on March 28, 2018 when Adam was interviewed about his tour and the story behind "Life Shine". 

Adam's new single "Life Shine" is here!  You can find it on CD Baby, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon...all the places you normally hear your music!

Adam is joined by Rikke Madsen (vocal) and Toke Knudsmark (bass) who were both on "Radios & Navigation" in 2016/2017.  Adam has also recruitted some young blood.  Very young blood.  Adam's son Benjamin (12) makes his debut as Adam's drummer.  Adam's wife, Malene, and daughter , Hannah(9), have also joined for some singing on Life Shine!

After the insightful and melancholic sounds of "Radios & Navigation" this new single offers a breath of fresh air here in the spring of 2018 on our little planet.

Life Shine is mixed and mastered by BZ Lewis of Studio 132 in Oakland, California.